• Peanut Butter Model T Overdrive
• Sunday Driver Overdrive
• Classic Overdrive
• High-Powered Amp Sound
• Full Range Response
• True Bypass On/Off
• Boost Foot Switch
• Six-way Filter Switch
• Gain Control
• Output Control
• Use 9V Battery or Adaptor

The Sunday Driver and Peanut Butter Model T, may be the most transparent overdrives ever, sounding as if you've turned up the output (not pre-amp) of your amp. If love your guitar and amp, and you've found other overdrive devices colour your sound too much, and amp attenuators just don't sound right, then chances are you've come to the right place. Aphek Overdrives: one concept, now available in two flavours.

The Sunday Driver offers a classic rock style breakup reminiscent of the late sixties high-powered amps. At low gain settings, you get that fantastic, just past clean power tube sounding break up. At maximum gain settings it produces the complexity and richness of your own amp turned right up. The six position filter switch rolls off top end at varying degrees. The Sunday Driver delivers a flatter response and tighter feel, in comparison to the Model T.

The boost switch, adds more gain, fattens up the mids, and boosts the overall level. The boost can be used as a solo switch, but it also can also be thought of as more gain. All this adds up to a pedal that sounds very organic and natural, that can move transparently from your clean amp sound, to light break up, and to high break up. The pedal features true bypass and has a heavy duty powder coated finish, with clear/blue and clear/red status LEDs. It will run on either a 9 volt battery or a Boss style external adapter. It comes with a 2 year warranty and a 10 day money back trial period.

• No Downloads Available
• Clip 1 - Strat into Vox AC-30 (Clean Vox switching to light drive)
• Clip 2 - Strat into Marshall Silver Jubilee & Greenback 4x12
(Bluesy neck pickup stepping up and down through gain switching)
• Clip 3 - Humbucker into Marshall Silver Jubilee & Greenback 4x12
(Classic Rock rhythm part)
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